Terms and Conditions for Use of Dresner Advisory Services Community Portal and Slack Channels

Both the Dresner Community Portal (portal) and Real BI Slack community (community) and channels created by Dresner Advisory Services (DAS) are solely for the use of those that Dresner Advisory Services specifically invites to participate.

Real Business Intelligence attendees have been invited to join the portal and community for a period of 3 months or until the next Real BI conference commences, whichever comes first.

Both portal and community are strictly for personal use. Information may not be copied, downloaded or shared with others.

Members may not post anything offensive. As a learning and sharing resource for members, all postings must be vendor, product and service neutral.

DAS reserves the right to remove postings that violate these terms or that it deems inappropriate.

Members participate at the discretion of DAS and may be removed if these terms are violated or as DAS deems necessary.

Use terms and conditions may be added or changed as needed.